Live SPORT this week: 24th – 30th September

Monday 24th Sept:

Tuesday 25th Sept:

Tuesday 25th: Man Utd V Derby – 8pm Kick Off – Carabao Cup 3rd round

Wednesday 26th Sept:

Wednesday 26th: Liverpool V Chelsea – 7.45pm Kick Off – Carabao Cup 3rd Round

Thursday 27th Sept:

Friday 28th Sept:

Friday 28 Sep 06:30 Day 1 Ryder Cup
Friday 28 Sep 19:45 Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds Utd Sky Bet Championship

Saturday 29th Sept:

Saturday 29 Sep 12:30 Coventry v Sunderland Sky Bet League 1

Saturday 29 Sep   12.30  West Ham V Man Utd Premier League

Saturday 29 Sep 16:00 South Africa v Australia The Rugby Championship
Saturday 29 Sep 17:30 Rotherham v Stoke Sky Bet Championship

Saturday 29 Sep   17.30  Chelsea V Liverpool  Premier League

Saturday 29 Sep 21:30 Argentina v New Zealand The Rugby Championship

Sunday 30th Sept:

Sunday 30 Sep 09:30 Day 3 Ryder Cup
Sunday 30 Sep 12:00 Russian Grand Prix Formula 1
Sunday 30 Sep 16:00 Cardiff v Burnley Premier League
Sunday 30 Sep 19:00 Day 1 World Grand Prix


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